A Simple Introduction to my Ongoing Insanity

In light of opening the doors to my life in a feeble attempt of developing this painstaking path to who knows where…I am offering a poem that I wrote when I was 17. This was written at an extremely low point in my life when I was reaching a breaking point and something had to give.

A teacher once spoke of the art of free flow writing…basically, the idea of allowing yourself the opportunity to write whatever comes to your mind, which is exactly how this poem “The Brink of Insanity” came to be. It was written somewhere around 2:00a.m. while all these thoughts were scratching at my mind’s walls (as they often did) concerning my childhood abuse, abandonment from my parents, lack of familial relationships and the recognition that I believed society had become accustomed to hurting each other rather than offering a lending hand. In fact, it pained me to see that, more often than not, people appeared to relish in other’s pain…

So while this may seem all over the place, that is truly how it was intended to be, after all…it is a portrayal of the brink of my seemingly endless insanity.

The Brink of Insanity

(I hope this works!)


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