Our Purpose in Life…

When beginning this blog I made a personal goal or commitment, or whatever you prefer to call it, to do a minimum of one posting a week, and while I have plans for a posting in the coming days, this past weekend resulted a need for a mental break that far outweighed the need to write. So I instead opted to take the furball for a wonderfully calming and peaceful weekend long backpacking excursion, during which I revisted a book that I often return to when in need of feeling grounded…Dharma Paths.

A portion of the book speaks at great length of finding our life’s purpose, and upon further contemplation it explains that in order for someone to find their purpose in life he or she only need look to their past.

This is so profound for me at this particular time in my life that I feel I can leave it by simply saying that I truly believe I am heading in the right direction…that I am finally finding my life’s purpose.


2 thoughts on “Our Purpose in Life…

  1. Recently I was on a week-long meditation retreat in Maryland with Tara Brach as one of the main facilitators. It was transcendent in a number of ways, but one aspect I especially treasured was the simplicity and clarity of “purpose”, which was just to BE. I aspire to a clearer sense of what to DO now that I have left retreat world and returned to distraction-filled daily life in Pittsburgh.

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