Yet Another Step Towards Recovery…

(please note: trigger alert)

Several weeks ago I came up with an idea for a blog posting, which led to such an unbelievably serendipitous string of events that further led me here…to this very moment…to this posting. Once I had made the decision to move forward with this project I began the hunt for the right photographer to join me on this journey. I reached out to friends and, of course, the internet. After Googling photographers and clicking on page after page of never-ending photography sites, I came across one whose pictures really touched me leaving me with a need to know more ( ). So I watched her “About Me” video where she spoke of wanting to empower women by showing them their strength as well as their inner and outer beauty and I became overwhelmed with this undeniable sensation that she was perfect for this extremely personal project of mine.

I immediately emailed Elizabeth explaining my story and what I was looking for and thankfully she was interested. I might even go as far as to say that she was just as excited about the seemingly endless possibilities as was I. So we met, talked for a couple hours and it turns out that she and her husband John recently started a foundation, The Beauty Within Foundation ( ), that strives towards empowering women by sharing their stories while showing their inner and outer beauty through photography.

I mean really…I never would have imagined it possible for a chance meeting to result in such perfection as this one did.

All said and done, the link below contains a preview (or sneak peek) of what is to follow in the coming weeks…which will ultimately lead you on my journey through my words and Elizabeth’s photographs, carefully entwined as one. I must admit that I feel beyond blessed not only to have found such amazing friends aiding me on my to recovery, my road to transcendence, but also to have made such a connection with Elizabeth that she has been able to so beautifully convey my emotions and story with the care and gentleness that I needed. During the session, I was surrounded by such comfort, concern and caring…it was truly amazing. This sneak peek not only caused me to shed some tears of happiness (and admittedly pure terror), but also with such an excitement to see the finished product, to be part of sharing something so intimate and to (hopefully) witness its healing powers for anyone it touches at a time when they might need it most…just like it has for me at a time when I needed it most.

So here it is…until the finished product is ready…

(please note: trigger alert)


3 thoughts on “Yet Another Step Towards Recovery…

  1. You are such a beautiful woman, inside and out. The more I get to know you, the more I want to know about you. The strength you show gives me strength, and hope. Keep going strong!!!!

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