An Eternal Fixation…

So, with Father’s Day having passed a few weeks’ ago and today being my father’s birthday, I felt the need to share in the insanity of my eternal fixation on my father…or really the lack of one. I have so much to say about this subject…my father that is, but that is for later. For now, I wanted to share a poem I had recently written while thinking of him…short, sweet, simply, but so very true.

…Feeling so completely


and so tired of

being on my own

while foolishly taking the

love of another

to replace the missing

love of a mother

who foolishly let her

life slip by

while leaving me

unable to cry

for a father who repeatedly

walked away

leaving me to wonder if

I would survive another day

for another predator to

claim his stake

tearing at my heart and

causing it to break

for another to pretend

to pick up the pieces

unable to recognize the lies so clearly

written on their faces

just to start from the beginning

all over again

will someone please tell me

when all this pain will end.


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