True Love…


while one is no longer,

the other remains,

so while one now knows the depth

of my aching heart’s love,

to the other I must say…

I love you…

I always have and I always will,

from as far back as I can remember,

and forever still…

for true love is not always

romantic in nature,

not to me anyway…


for me,

true love is…

an unbearably vulnerable soul who

takes every precious moment to

show you time and time again

how terrifyingly beautiful

that vulnerability can be…

who holds their breath in pain

as they watch you continuously failing

while whispering themselves to sleep with

“oh please not again”…

who silently releases prayers into the universe

begging for your soul

begging for your safety…

who, in spite of your overly burdened heart

continues knocking on your door of trust

knowing it is in there…


who remains in the shadows of love,

because they know  that someday

somehow, someway

you will feel what they feel,

even if it is too late for them…

and they will be looking down on you

with a smile on their face knowing

that at least it was not too late for you…

and they will swim freely

in a comforting peace knowing

that they had won…

they had finally led you to understanding

the reality of true love.


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