A plane trip away…

Watching as a plane approaches while wondering what each passenger might be thinking…feeling…thinking and feeling. Is one drowning in the excitement of wrapping his or her arms around the equally excited and yet aching heart of their person? Their person who longingly awaits to see even just the tip of the nose of their loved one making their way around the corner of the exit gate. Or, is their heart aching in yet another way? Is it longing not for a person, but to return from where they are coming? Are they in the process of leaving some beautiful white sanded beach with palm trees and endless promises of peace and relaxation only to have to return to countless years of merely breathing in a society that believes that spending each day in a cubicle to simply pay for bread and car insurance is normal?

And then my curiosity never fails to expand to their experiences. What have they experienced? What memories play on repeat in their needy sometimes greedy little unknowingly censored minds? Are they of things they cannot wipe from the ongoing movie reels they have kept in their secret panic room style collection of what they believe to be life? Or are they of things that simply make them smile even on the dreariest of days spent in that cubicle of windowless “success”? Have they ever wondered about mine? Have they ever seen the things that I have seen? Felt the things I have felt? Experienced my experiences? God I hope not. For their sake…well and for mine. For our sake.

Isn’t it funny though that each individual is just that…an individual. And yet, we are all bred to act the same, dress the same and even expect the same out of life. We are all factory produced to believe this is life when deep down we know it is not. We are tricked into believing that a big paycheck, an expensive house or car, clothes and material things means we are successful. Sorry, it shows we are successful…but that is not truth. When did we turn from true happiness to believing materials make us happy…even when we know otherwise? When did we allow ourselves to accept that life is about making others believe we are happy even when we know our home and heart are empty? For some time I lived in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service, no phone, no cable and no internet…in the most beautiful of places and yet, the most frequent question was “how can you live like that?”. My most immediate reaction was “how can you not?”.

So again, I watch as yet another plane approaches and I cannot help but to hope that every passenger is landing with excited anticipation of what is to come, rather than suffocating regrets of what was left behind. But more so than that, I hope that the ones who are regretting what was left behind have the strength and courage to return to it. That they do not simply accept this false definition of life and instead create their own…which is exactly what I am doing.

(Photo taken from beagreencommunity.com)


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