The Reality of Life…

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These intricacies of life dangling

by the seemingly hopeful threads of despair,

And here I am left with only one

simple fleeting thought that

there is only so much we can do.

So how much is that?

How much can I do?

How does anyone know when they are at the end…

better yet,

how does anyone know when they are approaching it

in order to make one final last ditch effort to

do better?

to be better?

can we?

is it possible?

to do better that is,

to be better…

or is everyone stuck on this roller coaster…

(oh goodness, how I hate roller coasters)…

and despair

and this never ending hopelessness,

being enveloped by that same empty black cold abyss

of nothingness

and yet here is where I find myself

time and again,

tumbling down that rabbit hole

to a place of exactly where it all began.

Exactly where I do not want to be.

Exactly where I hope no one else would ever be.

Yet sometimes exactly where I was meant to be…

sometimes where we all were meant to be.

So while there are these little pockets in life of

excruciating pain,

there appears to be just as many pockets

of heart aching happiness.

So in life we can either choose to relish

in that warmth

that comfort

that thing called happiness.

Or we can allow ourselves…

no, force ourselves to be consumed by those pockets of

excruciating pain


Time to let it all go,

well not let it go but

accept it for what it is,

exactly how we should be accepting each other

for who we are.

Can we?

I believe so.

Will we?

That I am not entirely certain of.

That is the undeniable beauty of life…

The unexpected.

I am unexpected,

You are unexpected,

We all are…

That is life…

Welcome to it.


I will see you there.

***Photo taken from Pinterest***


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