Alice’s Articulately Forced “Options…”

So this is the story of many of our lives without most even having this slightest bit of understanding. The universe is often such a manipulative little bit#+ forcing us to befriend the Queen of Hearts while repeatedly being convoluted by the actual, living, breathing ones. That is exactly how life, the universe (i.e. karma) easily shoves us back into that dark, black hole. This shadowy and cold corner of exactly where it planned on forcing us into in the first place. We have accepted these insignificant distractions that really bear no meaning on our happiness, lives, souls or even our existence…gotta love that oyster and pearl, I mean the story is so great how could anyone resist something so shiny and unique just as the walrus was unable to do the same while continuing as such a proud and authorative figure.

And so we accept it, because we know no better. Actually, because we do not care enough to acknowledge when we do know better. So like most in this world we follow suit remaining complacent with our neverending stumblings of life down an even more neverending road of nothingness…back down the rabbit hole we go. And yet we strangely question our surprising misery inspired by our lack of inspiration…our lack of motivation. Our lack of the Mad Hatter’s foresight…or maybe best noted as his insight. Well, at least not by anything important to us. Basically, our lack of inspiration because we have succeeded in allowing anything inspiring to be syphoned from our entire being. 

We have succeeded in allowing our thoughts, beliefs, wants and needs to be consumed by anything while any authority figure tells us exactly what they have convinced us that we need or want. We allow our minds to fall into such a state of decomposition, such a state in failing our natural thinking process in general that our simple mind has no end in sight because there is not a site to provide us with every necessary step to take in order to return to ourselves, to find ourselves, but most importantly to be ourselves.

More than anything, I hope and wish for the moment when we all find this, recognize it, return to it…return our humanity by give up on technology while walking away from prestige…walking away from being royalty, even if only in our personal worlds. I am not to say that we should not be proud of accomplishments, simply that our ideas and beliefs would return to where they should be…for the benefit of us all rather than us individually.


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