Like many, people have often said that I should find a way to share my story, but I lacked the strength to do so…until now. With this newly found strength I have taken the first step by creating this blog in hopes that my words, thoughts and experiences will help others with their own journeys. In return, I know that the simple yet entirely complicated act of sharing my life will ultimately result in transcending me on my road to recovery…recovery from all of the abuse and misuse from myself and others.

With that in mind, I was left contemplating what to write for this “About” section and felt there was nothing more fitting than the following excerpt taken from the initial entry of my journal:

“I ended one journal only to begin this one. Yet it never ceases to amaze me at all the ups and downs, all the smiles and tears, all the hopes and shattered dreams, and all the accomplishments and fears that are shared within the words that fill each journal. All the triumphant moments of healing, only to be followed and sometimes consumed by the decomposing pain inflicted by this seemingly never ending thing we call life.

I would like to say how the beginning of a new journal is the beginning of a new life, but it is not. It is only the continuation of the existing one. Sure, it will have new twists and turns, but in the end it will remain the same. Same person writing, same past leading up to any given point, same hopes for a different outcome. For me…I am only hoping for the opportunity to fill these pages with some newly discovered chapters.”


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